Thursday, November 12, 2009


Friday 13/11/09

Three more days to camp, whoa its so close, everyones really excited and so am i. Camp is going to be epic, lots of pranks, and heaps of fun. Our teacher Mr Madge told us what had happened at his house schools camp. Once he had lured a eel into a potato sack, and at night he let the eel go into a sleeping bag, and the kid steped into it, and all he did for the next few minutes was scream, it was pretty funny. Theres this thing called the ' NIGHTLINE ' its an event that we all do, one of the teachers or parent tells a story of what happened in the forest. So after that we all go outside and walk along this rope, and its pitch black you cant see anything, and you dont know you where you are going only trusting the rope, and then all the parents start chainsaws, and the parents rush in and grab you and taking you into the bush, you might trip up. But thats for us to find out ;O . its going to be soo exciting. Every night theres a dinner theme , like super heros, wannabee gangsters and many other themes. And today Our teacher is making a ' hit list ' its got all the people on it thats gonig to get pranked during the day, or night. And apparently im on it ;O and someother people, but if he pranks me . PAYBACK? . . Thats about it from me, ill update after camp. BYEEEEEEEE